My Harkive - Explore your previous entries to the Harkive Project 2013-2019

Harkive 2020

On Tuesday 21st July Harkive returns for its 8th year, and will once again be collecting your music listening stories.

Visit the Harkive website to find out how you can take part, or follow @harkive on Twitter.

The times of day you posted each year

Each dot below represents a post you made with the #harkive hashtag, shown by the time of day and the year you posted it. Dots are sized according to the number of words in your post.

All your Harkive stories

The table below shows the text of your stories, which service you used, and the year you posted. The media tab will either link to your original post, or to the media you linked to in that post

My Harkive: 2013-2019

Enter your social media username (case sensitive, and without @s) and then filter by year and the method you used to tell your story. For Facebook you'll need to enter your screen name, using captial letters - e.g. First Last.

Only Harkive stories sent from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram are shown in this version of the app. Those sent via email, the online form, or other methods, are excluded.

Once you've entered a username that creates a match in the Harkive database, you can then view the times of day you posted each year on the When you posted tab, or read your past stories on the What you said tab.

Where available, links to your orginal posts - or media you shared (e.g. YouTube links, Spotify playlists) - are shown. These links will work as long as the original content is still online at that URL. The datatable view can also be re-organised by any of the columns, and you can search for particular words using the search box.

As you explore, you can continue to subset the data by using the filters on the left. For example, to view your Tweets from 2013, simply select only 2013 from the years filter, and Twitter from the methods filter. The datatable and visualisation will update automatically.